JP Morgan Will ‘Punch Back’ on Texas’ Efforts to Limit Its Business

We financed more oil and gas companies in the world than just about anybody else, which I’m proud of. The best companies, the cleanest companies, they’re reducing the oil and gas. They’re reducing the methane. They will be the biggest part of the transition, whether you think that or not. You know, and so we look at facts and detailed analysis. And yes, we’re also one of the biggest green financiers in the world — solar, wind, all the R&D taking place. And so we just do our jobs. And that’s, that — I don’t think will happen. But if it does happen, so be it. We can’t do municipal bonds in Texas. There will be consequences to Texas because we bank their cities, schools, states, hospitals, companies — 30,000 employees. And this time I would punch back.

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